Annual Health Assessments

Over 75 Health Assessments are a part of the Federal Government initiatives designed to promote and maintain good health as well as independence of our older patients living in the community .

This is a full comprehensive annual medical check performed by our nurse and doctor  and is covered by medicare and there is no out-of-pocket expense.

The assessment usually takes an hour and provides a detailed overall view of your general health. The check covers areas such as sight, hearing, diet, your current medications and your immunisations.

At the conclusion of the health assessment the nurse will make recommendations to your usual doctor to implement interventions and investigations if required.  You will then see your doctor to discuss further.

Our health assessments are reviewed annually.

Other Health Assessmants our practice offer are:

45-49yr old  Assessments

40-49yr old Type 2 diabetes risk assessment

Health Assessments for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander