Consulting Hours:

Monday to Friday  : Open from 8.30am to 6.00pm

These times may vary at short notice, depending on doctor availability.

Telephones lines are open from 8.30am until 6.00pm

We operate on an appointment only basis during the week.

Appointments may be made by phone or in person at reception. If you have more than one medical problem, or feel that you may require a longer time to discuss a complex or specific issue with the doctor, please request a longer appointment at the time of booking. Please allow up to a couple of weeks to ensure the longer appointment is with the doctor of your choice.

Patients can ask to see their usual doctor and if their doctor is unavailable, our staff will offer you an appointment with another doctor or will make an appointment for you to see your usual doctor at the next available time.

If you attend the surgery without an appointment you will be offered the next available appointment.  Please be aware that this may not be with your usual doctor.

In an emergency, you will be seen be our nurse and assessed as to whether you should see a doctor as a priority or if you need to be sent to hospital.

DURING COVID 19 ALL PATIENTS will be required to have a telehealth consultation. If your doctor requires you to have a face to face appointment then your doctor will organise an appointment for you after your telehealth consultation.

ALL PATIENTS are required to wear their own masks when attending the surgery.


Saturdays : Open 9.00am -11.00am

Telephone lines are open from 9.00 am until 11.00 am

We have one doctor on duty attending to urgent medical issues. These sessions are not available for operations, full medical examinations, assessments or care plans.

Due to Coronavirus appointments are necessary.  Accounts are payable after you have seen the doctor. 

Bulk billing is ONLY available to pensioners.

We are closed on most Public Holidays


Home Visit:

Home visits may be arranged for patients too ill to attend the surgery. This service is limited to patients who live within a 2 km radius of the clinic and who have had a long-term association with our practice. Please contact the receptionist prior to 10.00am if a visit is required. If the call is received after 10.00 am and a visit on that day is required, the call may be transferred to our locum service. Home visits incur additional fees payable at the time of consult and are generally not bulk billed.



After Hours Medical Service : 
Call Doctor Doctor on 132660

A full report will be sent to your usual doctor by the After Hours Doctor Service regarding the consultation.

Please ensure that you enquire about the possible waiting time and fees that are relevant to your consultation at the time of your call.


Ambulance Service

In case of a medical emergency, the Ambulance Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Upon calling ‘000’,


Additional after hours services for severe problems are available through the following hospitals:

Private Hospital Emergency Departments at: 

These hospitals will charge a service fee.

John Fawkner Hospital 9385 2266 

Epworth Richmond Hospital 9426 6303

Public Hospital Emergency Departments at:

These hospitals do not charge a service fee.

St Vincent’s Hospital 9288 4356 

Royal Melbourne Hospital 9342 7000 

Royal Women’s Hospital emergency 8345 3600 

Mercy Hospital for Women emergency 8458 4000  



Repeat prescriptions, without a consultation are available at the doctors discretion, to be collected from reception, no earlier than 24 hours after the request. A charge of $35 applies for this service and is not covered by Medicare rebate. 

If your usual doctor is away you will need  a consultation with another doctor if a repeat prescription is required during that period.


Repeat referrals for continuing care to a specialist may be written at the doctors discretion, to be collected from reception no earlier than 24 hours after the request. Referrals will not be backdated.  A $35 fee applies for this service, and is not covered by Medicare rebate.

If your usual doctor is away you will need to arrange a consultation with another doctor if a repeat referral is needed during this period 


Reprints of lost prescriptions, and referrals will also incur a $35.00 fee (not covered by Medicare rebate).



It is important for patients to seek the results of test and investigations ordered by the doctors. You will be asked by your doctor to contact the surgery 3-5 days following your test to arrange an appointment to discuss your result.

It is important that you make a follow up appointment to see your doctor to obtain your results.

If your results need more urgent follow up your doctor or the practice nurse will contact you as needed to arrange a follow up appointment with your doctor.

You may contact the surgery and speak to our nurse if you have any queries or concerns in regards to your results.

Results are not given over the phone unless this has been discussed with your doctor.


No results are given via email unless they are required under an emergency situation and the patient can be identified.

Please see our privacy policy in regards to emails.


Due to privacy constraints the reception staff do not have access into your medical files. 


Results of your Cervical Screening will be forwarded to you by mail approximately 4-6 weeks after the test is performed.

You will be sent a reminder letter when your next cervical screening is due.


Please ensure we are kept up to date with any changes to your address or contact details.


Recalls & Reminders:

We have the facility for patients to be provided with timely reminders and recalls for a variety of health issues. If however you would prefer not to receive these reminders please discuss this with your doctor or nurse.


We are excited to welcome Dr Ron Chan to the practice who is available : Tuesday to Friday 9am-6pm


It is with great sadness that we farewell Dr Ron Smith after 50 years.He will be greatly missed by all his patients and the staff at BMG. We wish him all the best in his retirement.


We are now conducting consultations via telephone. Call and speak to our staff who will arrange this with your doctor.


Due to Coronavirus, patients will now need to call the surgery to make an appointment for Saturday.