Communication Policy

General enquiries can be made with our reception staff who will provide the best possible service and information for you. 

The doctors and clinical staff will review and return telephone calls either between or after their consulting sessions. 

Our practice will not provide clinical services over the telephone. 

For medical or urgent calls, reception staff will put you through to our nurse who will triage the call. 

To protect the privacy and confidentiality of the patient, the practice clinical team may refrain from the disclosure of personal health information as appropriate.


Our practice does not encourage Email communication due to it not being a secure form of communication.

Any medical information is best discussed with your doctor or nurse.


Should you however request information to be emailed to you, we will explain the risks associated with transmitting personal information in this way. If you would still like to continue with emailing information we will be required to obtain your verbal and written consent either by email or fax stating that you recognise and accept the risks involved. You will be required to verify who you are and it will be at the doctors discretion if we release any information. We will then encrypt and password protect all documents, notify you of the password verbally and email the documents to the verified email address. 

This process is a secure method and has a low privacy and security risk as per the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners: Using Email in General Practice – Guiding Principles. 

We will not email your personal information without consent unless in the case of a medical emergency. 

We will accept personal information via email from other healthcare providers and organisations involved in the management of your health. 

All staff and patients are made aware that electronic communications could, depending on the technology, be forwarded, intercepted, printed, and stored by others. Electronic mail is the equivalent of a post card. 

An email address is assigned where all emails are received:

Emails will not be used to accept appointments or cancellations.

Doctors will not consult via email.

All emails received by the practice are checked daily and we do our best to respond to the enquiry as soon as possible. 

All patient emails are scanned into the patients clinical history and any relevant action is taken by the doctor, practice manager or practice nurse.

If the matter is urgent, patients must contact the practice on 9378 1977 during business hours and not via email.

Employees are required to use the clinic email exclusively for work related purposes.


Internal emails: 

Our Practice uses Genie as our Medical Program.

All messages that the practice receives for our Doctors, Nurses or staff are then forwarded to them via our Genie internal email system as TASKS. Once these task messages are read and actioned, they are then either sent back to reception staff, Nurse or Practice Manager who will then make a note in the patients clinical history. If required, the patient is contacted via the telephone with a response to their message. The TASK is then linked into the patients clinical history. 


We are excited to welcome Dr Ron Chan to the practice who is available : Tuesday to Friday 9am-6pm


It is with great sadness that we farewell Dr Ron Smith after 50 years.He will be greatly missed by all his patients and the staff at BMG. We wish him all the best in his retirement.


We are now conducting consultations via telephone. Call and speak to our staff who will arrange this with your doctor.


Due to Coronavirus, patients will now need to call the surgery to make an appointment for Saturday.