Fees as of July 2020:

Weekday Consultations

Bulk billing is available for Pensioners and Health Care Card Holders upon presentation of their Pension Card or Health Care Card.  

Children under 16yrs will also be bulk billed.

Bulk Billing will only be charged between the hours of 9.00am -5.00pm Monday to Friday

Private patient consultations are as follows:

Brief Consultation – $58.75          (rebate $17.75)

Standard Consultation- $80.00    (rebate $38.75)

Longer Consultations – $115.00  (rebate $75.05)

Prolonged Consultations-$150.00  (rebate $110.50)

Students 16-25yrs are charged the rebate fee (which they will get back from Medicare) plus $15.00 upon presentation of a current student card. 

Students will be out of pocket only $15.00


The Medicare rebate can be claimed back and processed for you on the spot.  

The out of pocket expense is an average of $40.00


All fees MUST be paid on the day, otherwise a $20.00 accounting fee will be charged.

This is not refundable through Medicare.


Theatre Procedures

Theatre procedures will incur a theatre fee. This fee varies with the type of procedure you are having and will be discussed with you by the Doctor.  

This fee is not rebatable through Medicare



The surgery is open from 9am to 11am with one doctor on duty attending to urgent medical issues. These sessions are not available for operations, full medical examinations, plans or assessments. No appointments are necessary. Patients are seen in order of arrival.

Only pensioners upon presentation of Pension Card on the day will be bulk billed. 

For all other patients private billing applies with an extra $10.00 fee above the normal daily fee.


EFTPOS facilities available for Bankcard, Visa and Mastercard.

XPOS facilities are also available

Non Attendance Fee

Please note: for any appointments made and not cancelled with at least 2 hours notice a $40 non attendance fee will be incurred. This fee is not covered by Medicare. Patients are required to call and speak to reception staff to cancel or reschedule appointments.



We are excited to welcome Dr Ron Chan to the practice who is available : Tuesday to Friday 9am-6pm


It is with great sadness that we farewell Dr Ron Smith after 50 years.He will be greatly missed by all his patients and the staff at BMG. We wish him all the best in his retirement.


We are now conducting consultations via telephone. Call and speak to our staff who will arrange this with your doctor.


Due to Coronavirus, patients will now need to call the surgery to make an appointment for Saturday.