Medical Services

Annual Health Assessments

Over 75 Health Assessments are a part of the Federal Government initiatives designed to promote and maintain good health as well as independence of our older patients living in the community .

This is a full comprehensive annual medical check performed by our nurse and doctor  and is covered by medicare and there is no out-of-pocket expense.

The assessment usually takes an hour and provides a detailed overall view of your general health. The check covers areas such as sight, hearing, diet, your current medications and your immunisations.

At the conclusion of the Health Assessment the nurse will make recommendations to your usual doctor to implement interventions and investigations if required.  You will then see your doctor to discuss further.

Health Assessments are reviewed annually.

Other Health Assessments our practice offer are:

45-49yr old  Assessments

40-49yr old Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment 

Health Assessments for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Asthma Management and Spirometry

Our doctors are able to provide care for patients with asthma.

This includes diagnosing asthma and informing patients of what asthma is.

Information and advice will be given on how  your asthma can be managed and what treatments may be used. 

Spirometry appointments can be made by contacting the surgery and discussing this with our nurse.

Childhood Immunisation and Vaccinations

Brunswick Medical Group is committed to preventative care, we provide immunisation services for our patients. This includes vaccinations for travel, seasonal (flu), childhood and employment.

Appointments must be made in advance with our nurse.

The clinic has a limited supply of vaccinations on-site, mostly for seasonal and childhood immunisations. In the instance that the clinic does not have the required vaccination on-site, the doctor will write a prescription for the appropriate vaccines so that the patient can purchase it from the pharmacy and have it administered at the clinic.

For patients with a valid Medicare card, the cost of the vaccines to children are covered by the National Immunisation Program and the fee is bulk billed.

If your child does not have a Medicare card and is not eligible for the National Immunisation Program, there are fees for consultation, administration of the vaccine and each individual vaccine. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to enquire about the fees prior to the immunisation appointment.

Brunswick Medical Group follows the recommendation of vaccination of every child as per the Immunisation Schedule Victoria

Chronic Disease Management and Plans

Our practice provides our patients who are eligible with Chronic Disease Management and Plans. These plans require you to see our nurse and doctor. Please contact the practice to discuss this with our nurse. Medicare provides financial assistance to patients under these plans which enables them to access allied health services such as: Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Dietician.   

Full Employment Medicals

These consultations require a longer appointment time and there is no medicare rebate.

Please inform our staff when making an appointment for a medical employment so that the appropriate time can be given and information about fees discussed with you.

Men’s Health

Prostate Cancer

It is recommended that men aged 50 and over with no family history of prostate cancer, and men at 40 with a family history, should have a prostate check performed by their doctors on an annual basis. This is done in the form of a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test.

During your next visit, feel free to ask your doctor about when you had your last prostate check. Your doctor will inform you about whether or not you require further testing.

Mental Health Plans

Our doctors are all experienced in managing mental health care problems. This includes Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Psychosis, Grief, Relationship breakdowns to name a few. We prepare and develop GP Mental Health Care Plans which will enable you to access Medicare funds to help pay to see a counsellor or psychologist.

Minor Surgical Procedures

You will need to make an appointment to see the doctor for a consultation prior to making a booking for a minor procedure. Examples of minor procedures include removal of a foreign body from the skin, and Implanon insertions and removals. After the initial consultation, you will be able to make an appointment with reception staff.

Skin Conditions and Mole Inspection

Dr Heather Chung offers speciality in skin conditions, as well as mole inspections and advice. 

Any suspicious moles can be removed with minor surgery. 

Pathology Service: Dorevitch Pathology

Dorevitch Pathology’s vision is to offer superior quality, speed and convenience via the most modern facilities and processes, highly trained and experienced staff and pathologists covering all medical disciplines. Dorevitch is conveniently open on weekdays from 8:00 am to 12.00 pm. No appointment is necessary.

Shared Maternity Care

Shared maternity care is an option for healthy women with normal pregnancies. It enables shared maternity care affiliates, hospital-based doctors and midwives to act as a team in the provision of each woman’s antenatal care. Responsibility is shared for the woman’s care including communication

Drs Tina Toh, Carol Lawson, Sylvia Bowden and Kaye Cussen provide shared ante-natal care with some hospitals including the Royal Women’s Hospital, Northern Hospital and Mercy Maternity Hospitals.

Theatre facility

Our theatre and full sterilising facilities allow us to perform:

-Minor surgical procedures.

-Wound management.  

-Cryotherapy for treatment of warts and other skin lesions, as well as a dermatoscope for assessing suspicious skin changes.

– Electrocardiograph (ECG) to assist in cardiac assessment.

– Plastering facilities for immobilization of minor fractures and soft tissue injuries.

– Spirometry which looks at current lung function. It aids in diagnosing conditions such as asthma and COPD. 

Travel Vaccines

We are an Accredited Yellow Fever Vaccine Provider.

Please make an appointment with one of our Doctors who will be able to offer you travel vaccine advice.

Women’s Health

Our doctors are able to provide Women’s healthcare which includes:

-Regular cervical screening, 

-Breast checks, referral for mammography, 

-Family planning options, fertility counselling and 

-Management of menopause.

An appointment can be made with Drs Heather Chung, Carol Lawson, Sylvia Bowden, Kaye Cussen or Rodney Omond to discuss the procedure of having an Implanon insertion or removal.






We are excited to welcome Dr Ron Chan to the practice who is available : Tuesday to Friday 9am-6pm


It is with great sadness that we farewell Dr Ron Smith after 50 years.He will be greatly missed by all his patients and the staff at BMG. We wish him all the best in his retirement.


We are now conducting consultations via telephone. Call and speak to our staff who will arrange this with your doctor.


Due to Coronavirus, patients will now need to call the surgery to make an appointment for Saturday.